1. Newspapers
    Here are a few things you might find about your family in old newspapers: Birth and Death Announcements School Graduations, Sports and 4H. Marriage Licenses, Engagement and Marriage Announcements, Anniversaries Legal: Probate, Divorce, Foreclosure, Arrests
  2. National Archives Holdings
    The Riverside NARA office holds more than 60,000 cubic feet of Records generated by Federal courts and Federal agencies in Arizona, Southern California, and Clark County, Nevada. Collections include records from the military, the forest service, passports, and much more.
  3. Vital Records
    Birth, Marriage, and Death Records for all of Riverside County can be obtained through the Riverside County Clerk-Recorder. There is a small fee to cover my costs in addition to the cost of the record. For other Southern California County Vital Records, contact me for availability and price.
  4. Yearbooks
    Yearbooks are a special glimpse into the past! If your ancestor attended a local High School, we may find their photo and details about their school experience! A list of available yearbooks is being compiled.
  5. City Directories
    City Directories, or phone books, are a way to pin your ancestor down to a very specific place and time. This is especially valuable if you have a family that moved frequently, or are supplementing or replacing a missing census or are dealing with common surnames and trying to untangle your family from another.
  6. Court Books
    Did a member of your family have a run in with the law? Learn more about their adventures through court records. From traffic tickets to trials, there's a selection of local court records at the Hemet Public Library. List to come! The National Archives - Riverside Office is a great resource for Federal court records.
In all cases, genealogical research and record look-ups can be time consuming and sometimes end up empty handed; for instance, not everyone had obituaries, marriages, or births published in newspapers. The larger the city or more modern the timeframe, the less likely it is the information was published. In the event that your record is not found, you will receive a letter or email from me outlining exactly what resources were accessed to locate the information requested and stating the information was not found. 

You are paying for my time and I cannot guarantee the record you want exists.  For this reason, fees for used time are not refundable. 

However I do guarantee that you will receive prompt and timely service from a fellow genealogist who understands the importance of communication and thorough research.