As you can see, I'm just a little passionate about family history.  A good friend helped me paint this on my wall and my long-suffering husband hung all those pictures.

Every person that starts researching their family history does so for a different reason.  For some, they feel disconnected from themselves or seek understanding about modern issues from the past.  For others, the genealogy "bug" bites when a family member asks them for some help with research.  For me, it was a desire to learn about the people I came from, all these marvelous looking people in my Grandma's photo albums.

I mentioned I have returned a few "long-lost" family members to their spot on the family tree.  Through research I was able to discover what happened to a Great-Grandfather and one of his daughters on one side of the family, and a 2nd-Great Grand Aunt and 2nd-Great Grand Uncle on the other side. 

I'm not done with them yet, there are still puzzles to solve from the in-between years.  But I can mark the places where they lie and there is some closure for the living family that has wondered what happened all these years.  Each of them appear on this tree.

The Egyptians believed that as long as you were remembered, you were immortal.  By seeking out our ancestors, we give them immortality.  Someday. perhaps, someone will make us immortal.